We open a new reality

The management company Gagarin group is one of the largest operators of the organization of catering
and corporate meal service in the market of Moscow and regions of Russia


established restaurateurs Victor W. Gore and Mikhail Kuleshov in 2004. Powered by a Moscow restaurant market in Moscow and regions of Russia, as well as in other countries. 

Since 2005, Gagarin group is a member of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia.
C 2013 Gagarin group is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation. 

Daily services Gagarin group are more than 210 000 people.
Gagarin group has created more than 3,500 jobs.
More than 370 partners are cooperating with Gagarin group.
Gagarin group - a company that took control of the club in the nest of grouse, which is the 10th year of existence was on the verge of closing, and the work has increased its profitability by 4 times.
Gagarin group - a company that has opened its own restaurant airship with seven open kitchens, which from the second month of 15,000 visitors came in a month.
Gagarin group - a company, opened his own club-restaurant Penthouse in Nizhny Novgorod, which immediately became a club №2 in the city, the opening of which came in three times more people than could fit inside.
Gagarin group - a company that has created a concert club AlmaMater - one of a kind, best live club in 2013, where the highest number of concerts in Russia - more than 1,000 a year.
Gagarin group - this is the company that created the Criminal Restorators Holding, in the portfolio which at various times have been more than 30 restaurants and cafes from Minsk to Yakutsk.
Gagarin group - a company that now sells its own 8 new projects, 6 of which network, and two unique of its kind.
The credo of the company - to provide quality services food, hospitality and entertainment of various concepts and the price range a wide range of consumer demand with the features of each category of customers.
Modern, professional, creative and responsible team is the pride of Gagarin group, the basis of stability and quality of successful development. We can make the opening a cafe with zero , to open a restaurant and organize the management of your restaurant.
Gagarin group values its reputation of trust and integrity in business relationships with its partners , including the private and legal persons, restaurant owners and investors , suppliers of products and services, public and state organizations, well-known creative people and successful businessmen.